Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday; Some Do's Some Don'ts

If you LOVE Twitter like I do you already know twitter streams run deep! Tweeting for the newbie always comes with streams of questions. Most of them being internal. At least I think so because of my own experience with twitter. How often do I or should I tweet? What do I tweet about? Am I tweeting right? Well,  that all depends. If you're a twitter newbie and just trying to get your footing, you should have a 'plan' or better yet ask yourself is there an end result? If you do not have a direction (I didn't for the longest time!) , do not have an end result you do not know what that direction is yet. Then just  tweet about what interests you in your daily life. There are certainly some do's and don'ts when it comes to tweeting and here are just a few that I think if I had known would have helped.

Some Simple DO's

Tweet Daily

It doesn't matter if you're playing Monday morning quarterback, today's politics, the stock market's flash crash, or your momma jokes. There are always people talking on twitter so just simply introducing yourself and getting in a conversation will not be wasted text. Especially just getting in the conversation

Make Friends

Twitter is so easy to just engage with people with just about anything. But what will happen over time is when you get to know someone you develop a relationship with that person. I have more than a few people on twitter where we have short conversations about a variety of different things and have never actually met them. It's pretty cool actually to learn about people and what they do through social media. Besides, it's just fun!!

Provide Value

Whether you have a direction or not, if you're mindful of providing some value for your audience people will begin to pay attention to what you have to say. You may have just found the best happy hour in town, found the best cafe, or just read the best book. Some people just like quotes. Quotes are powerful to tweeple! Either way, share what you have learned and you can almost bet someone is looking for that information or will just become a lil curious. And guess what? They will just find you.

Some Definite DON'Ts

Are you a Pitcher?

Unless you're name is Roy Hallady, Josh Beckett, or Tim Lincecum your tweets should not all be about your product or service. This happens a lot because you have a lot of internet marketers or products that show how to pitch their product via twitter and other social media platforms, but then most don't consider that people buying their  products are new to internet marketing and social media. So what happens is you can always find new people on twitter and all they're doing is pitching their product and services. So what you need to do is mix those tweets in with what you're already doing. If you think of the 80/20 principle you should be fine. That's 80% about everyone else and 20% about you. That would be a good place to start. 

Hashtag NOT Hashtags 

I recently came across a post where the person was commenting on hashtag etiquette. You have many social media purists out there constantly keeping score of what everyone else is doing. For the newbie who is just so excited to be building momentum, they start placing multiple hashtags in their tweets. This is considered to be a 'dirty' tweet and is frowned upon by the social media snobs. For the record, I used to do this all the time too and had no idea :) So here's a tip! Only use 1 hashtag if you can help it, but definitely no more than 2. It should be placed at the beginning or end of the tweet so it does not disrupt the natural flow of reading the tweet. There are obvious situations where it has to be a part of the body i.e. hashtag is part of the quote because you also have a link. That's fine, but just be mindful.

His intent is all about getting followers! Check his stream it's on all the time!!
He's pretty transparent :)

Don't DM Me if You Don't Know Me

Direct messages are ways to send messages through twitter that you wouldn't want the rest of the world to see. So if you're exchanging information like phone numbers or e-mail addresses and things to that nature use the DM feature. It's also a way to send a more personalized message for the user without having to post it so the whole world can see. So it's pretty obnoxious when we have not even had a single discussion to be throwing a link my way that's not beneficial to me or for me (did I say that right?). If someone sent me a link for a free code for dunkin donuts I would be pretty happy guy. On the other hand if I get a link for your latest and greatest product and you haven't even said hi & I don't know you or your brand, then that's not cool. I can read that in your profile. 

Twtter is just plain fun once you learn how to use it! The TRUTH is you have to use it and figure it out as you go. When you figure it out you'll begin to use twitter for the POWERful tool that it is. Till then have fun tweeting Tweeps!

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