About Danny

This blog is kinda about me and my brain scattered and all over the place.
I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and boy do I love to learn!! I LOVE to read everything from the Bible to Tucker Max... It might be a sin to put those 2 books in the same sentence.

The POWER of the internet just makes it easy to connect and it just made sense to to start a blog and I wanted to a long time ago... I just didn't know what it was or how to put 1 up. I'm probably the only person that took 3 days to create a blog on the easiest platform :)

I always say I'm not technical. The TRUTH is I'm getting more comfortable on keyboard with each passing day. I think I'm up to 20 wpm. YAY! That's a huge stretch for me.

While you are here...I Love God, Love life, Love people, and Love all things marketing. If you couldn't see that already, just look closely... I'm not a good organizer.

An average guy with above average Dreams. When I wrote that to Darren Hardy he responded w/ "That makes you above average." Thanks Darren!

Interests include ice coffee, the Dunkin Donuts kind!! New England sports, when I'm not reading or on the computer trying to learn HTML, and all things of personal growth... we don't use SELF HELP in these Google circles!

Let's play like Loew's and BUILD something great together. I know, corny, but it sounds GOOD. I can help you with TONS of INFO about Social Media if you're new. And if you're seasoned like a 16 oz NY Steak please be my friend... I want to learn lots from you!