Get Rich Click

I have come across more than a few books this past year. If you don't believe me check my facebook page. I'm only 1/2 way through this book, but I have to say it's an INCREDIBLE read. So many people, myself included, have always wondered how people make money online. Having read a bunch of different things I'm really blown away by the content Marc Ostrofsky has put together in his book titled, Get Rich Click. Understand something. I'm not going to tell you how much the book is currently selling for. Here is what I will share with you:

1. The FREE BONUSES you get with the book are worth roughly 50Xs more than what you pay for the book. I don't know what his motivations are for putting out this book. I have to say there are at least a few pages people would pay more than the price of the book to learn. Aha moments galore, at least for me anyway.

Are you wondering about the price yet? Good ;)

2. If you don't know about  Marc I suggest you do what most people do with their smartphones today anyway. Google him. Let's just say a few book sales doesn't exactly improve his net worth. I'm sure his publicity score has jumped up a few points since the books release.

Check out the video below. By the way this is Marc's 2nd appearance on the view since the launch of his book.

Shall I go on? Are you thirsty for more?
I'm just going to take a little content from pg 97 of Get Rich Click. If you're a seasoned affiliate marketer, sorry to bore you. If you're an affiliate marketing tire kicker or newbie this will paint a very small but colorful picture for you.

            Amazon sells a lot more than books. It's associate program pays commissions
            on anything you sell, including electronics, clothing and many big ticket items.
            Many non-book items actually pay larger commissions.
                      1. Become an Amazon associate
                      2. Find a book title or product to sell
                      3. Secure the Amazon Associate coded link for the product
                      4. Purchase a related domain name for the product to sell.
                      5. Run a Google or Facebook ad campaign or market the product to a 
                           list or group you believe might want to buy the book.
                      6. Redirect the URL to the Amazon web page.
                      7. Receive your commission 

Where in the above is there mention of inventory or having to buy the actual product. Giving the book some pub in your blog with a nice little write-up may just do the trick too! Ask me in a month from the date of this post and we'll see if this strategy has some success.