Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday NO Junkies Please!

Where do you go when you need to fill your information bucket? When you have questions about places, how tos, and or the newest social media happenings? I'm sure you go straight to facebook right?

Here's a quick fill in exercise. Seek and so you shall ______? 

I remember being pretty naive about twitter, but with facebook seemingly changing weekly these days, I see twitter becoming even more popular. I've heard several grumblings about facebook's new changes. If you haven't heard about the changes yet, I'm sure you can ask someone who is constantly inviting you to play farmville. They'll get you caught up to speed or you can just get on twitter and search for the information yourself. I'd advise the latter (there's a pic below), you're more likely to get better articles than consulting a know-it-all, #imjustsayin ;)

Some pretty interesting feedback about all the new changes and I have already seen a small migration away from facebook. Some realize twitter has never been better positioned to reach more of the masses (credit facebook). That's obviously in my humble opinion. It will be interesting after all is forgotten in a week or two about all the facebook changes to see if this has some long term side effects either way. I do understand one thing, CHANGE is constant, especially when referring to facebook these days.

Here's a snapshot below of what some people are saying about the new facebook changes a long with some links to related articles.

When people ask about twitter, I like to think of it more as a Google meets facebook. You still have plenty of social interaction and can immediately connect with people from all of the world,  in  your city, and everywhere in between. When you need answers, where do you turn? For some, Google would be tops on that list. For me, large scale conversation and articles I go straight to twitter. If you suffer from S.A.D.D. (Socialmedia Attention Deficit Disorder) like me, I have just the site for you to search your brains out. Tweetgrid is one of my favorite sites to search twitter. I LOVE this site to be able to search up to 9 streams at 1 time. That's a POWER tool right there!! Time Leveraged twitter search baby!! It's quite the twitter fix and will lead to overuse!

For the newbie, I think a site like this can only accelerate one's learning curve. You can also perform most of the basic tweet functions right on tweetgrid's dashboard and even more. This tool is beyond cool! Power tweeting and search all right on 1 screen. Warning!! It May be tougher for the visually impaired. You'll see what I mean.

Be mindful of how much time you spend on tweetgrid. You can TRUTHfully spend hours searching the world only to realize a few hours went by as quick as it took you to read this article. You've been warned. Let me know if you find what you're looking for.

Danny Fortes is a social media enthusiast, network marketer, blogger, and currently a Poke the Box reader. You can connect with him on twitter @xdannyfortes or leave a comment below. He needs a fix ;)

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