Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Twitter Tuesday Social Snob!!

We always like to have our own space within social media. Certain boundaries, so to speak. Many tweeps  take offense to etiquette violations within social media. You don't have to look at your stream very long to come to this realization. 

Here we are in a world that projects instant gratification. Everything is fast food, 24 hours, instant coffee, drive thrus, we want it now mentality. We keep hearing all the social media hype, the "ROI"; people of all kinds using social media to connect like never before.

There's new people entering the space everyday, every hour, every minute, every second of the day. And that's a POWERful thing. There are social media services here one day and gone the next. The newbie enters the space often mis or under informed. It's like attending the pool party your friend invites you to, that's not his party. You get invited and he says, "the people who invited me said to tell EVERYONE." 

People just keep showing up to the party and before you know it, all the people who were at the party early are now not having as good of a time as they did when they were by themselves with their small group. People just keep showing up and jumping right into the pool having a good time . My question to the early arrivals, the social media snobs is; who said it was your party? 

There are social norms like a proper introduction, having a natural conversation, and building a relationship when you show up to a party you were invited to and knew better. But, if you had a big party but it wasn't at your house, it was in Times Square, would you really get annoyed if someone you did not invite showed up? Would you get irritated with all the guys on the sidewalk peddling everything from jewelry, glow sticks, and stuffed animals? Probably not.

I have noticed how many people get annoyed when you shoot them a link (I was guilty of this in the past) I was misinformed. It's even more hilarious to me when there are ads everywhere from your mail, tv, e-mails, the side of someone's car, at the intersection, on your receipts, and credit card statements. You know this is the short list. It's obvious we get bombarded with marketing messages ALL DAY LONG! It's completely acceptable in our society as a whole, in case you (the snob), haven't noticed.

I'm not gonna single out the "social media gurus, wanna be gurus, and social media snobs" who are getting ever so annoyed with all the social media "spam" entering the space but has also been there since the beginning (notice how I didn't use "their"). But seriously! What did you expect? Are you having a party where only the social elite of NYC can attend right in the middle of Times Square? 

You can get annoyed, irritated, frustrated, and tired of all the spam, solicitations, marketing messages, mlms, and offers that come across your streams or inboxes every single day.  But guess what? It's not your party, so stop your whining! 

Danny loves social media and is by no means an expert. He is still learning the hard way; by just jumping in!

If you like this post or dislike it, please share. If not I won't get offended. I'm not a snob.

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