Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday Got Hack?

Have you ever been woken up by repeated text? It's like an alarm clock when it happens. I happen to crash at my buddies house last night and he said, I got a DM from you last night but you were already sleeping. But when it's late at night you're not at your peak performance level it's too much energy to think. So needless to say he didn't think twice about it. Me, I was in la la land.

Fast forward to this morning. I have a bunch of DMs (Direct Messages) and @replies instructing me to change my password. Obviously I took the time to do get that done because they all had been receiving spam in the form of DM from my account.  

But here's what he did find out. He noticed when he clicked on the link he was taken to a twitter log in screen. The problem was he later realized the url for the twitter home screen was spelled 'twitterlr.' Apparently, it was a screen capture page that looked exactly like the twitter home page except they take your information and hack your account. 

He had worked in IT for years and he explained that it's a password ID capture page then sends it off into a password file. He explained people in his industry had to learn how to build interfaces to capture this information as a test. Essentially a mimic'd layer that looked exactly like the twitter home page but took our IDs and passwords and placed them into a different file to  wreak havoc on everyone's morning!! Not very nice kids!!

A as one of my tweeps Jim messaged me and said, "someone is always trying to screw up a good thing." Ain't that the TRUTH!

Technology has so many great uses. Unfortunately, with the technology come very creative minds who use the POWER of these and other platforms to wreak havoc in our lives. In this case I just have to take the good with the bad and not give them any negative more negative energy other than frustration. Tomorrow it will all be forgotten. Unless someone doesn't check their twitter account until then. 

Danny LOVES twitter and many other social networking sites and truly apologizes for any inconveniences caused by having his account hacked. 

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