Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday; Scheduling Your Attention

Do you ever feel like there are days when just life gets in the way? When those days are here, is your first thought about what you need to post on facebook or twitter? If you're sick in bed with the flu that's one thing. Moving, traveling, or just wanting a day off to play on social media is a whole other ball of wax.

When we get sick we can't necessarily plan for certain events. When these things happen we generally call our boss, who more than likely we're afraid of, and take advantage of a sick day that we 'supposedly' earned or is a benefit to us. Or do we just welcome the sick day with child like enthusiasm as an escape from the proverbial same old same old? 

If I planted a seed and you just need a day off this I have a link at the bootton of the page with some tips and tactics on calling in sick.

In the world of social media we can always take a few days off and it seem like we never missed a beat or a day. Less of course your friends keep asking you questions and you're no longer able to respond their questions or posts in real time. But it's social media right? Who's really paying attention? ;)

For sick days or everyday, scheduling tweets has to be one of my favorite things about twitter. You can publish 60 percent of your content before you even decide to have coffee. That's pretty cool huh? We won't even get into the array of POWER tools that are out there because you may stop reading my post now and not get off your computer till your eyes are all but closing from exhaustion with all of the fun stuff that's out there. 

There's one such tool over there!

But here is what I will share, scheduling tweets for the newbie is something you will want to learn sooner rather than later and will relieve some of the pressure of worrying about when and what to post. Once you learn how to do this, you will LOVE twitter for sure if you don't already.

Timely is a great site to learn the very basics behind scheduling tweets and the bare basics of analytics (measurements). Tweets that get retweeted are measured along with your click throughs (how many times a link has been clicked). In a very short time I was learning about what types of tweets speak to people's interests and the basics of a term we hear all the time but may not necessarily know or understand. And that is 'Ad Copy' (marketers always use  cool terms). I realized pretty quickly that incorporating words like funny, fun, simple, or even asking questions were more apt to get clicked on then just saying...  here, check this out. As you can see from the pic below, now I have to work on my content #imjustsayin

If you're already famous on twitter, like Gary V, all you may have to do is say check this out, and about 300,000 raging social media lunatics will come running just after he hit the tweet button. Me, I have to usually do or say something controversial just to get a click or a retweet (don't know if you have been following long or not to know the TRUTH about my controversial episode). At least using timely, I'll know how many times my link was clicked. It's social media right? I guess you are paying attention.

Danny Fortes is a voracious book reader and and gives tips that 90% of people on social media already know (duh). That means he's a 10%-er and truly cares about the lost social media newbies.

Here's that link on how to get your next social media play day off! How to call in sick  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you thought this post was somewhat entertaining, please take another second to click at least 1 of those buttons if you got value in how to call in sick. Today's post is a 2 for 1 ;)

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