Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday Don't Forget to Mention...

I've recently become a huge fan of Marie Forleo and if you have not had the pleasure of watching her videos, you're robbing yourself of educational enjoyment! So I recently red her book How to Make Every Man Want You:How to Be So Irresistible You'll Barely Keep From Dating Yourself . Slow your role! I'm straight, that's the TRUTH. As a marketer you read people's stuff to figure out and learn from the people who are already successful... she is quite the teacher and I can relate w/her on a few levels. Plus I figure I needed to get inside the head of some successful women. So I gave her a shout out on twitter because I really did enjoy her book. It's AWESOME by the way pick that sh*t i up! Marie being the ever so approachable woman as she is, of course responded w/in 24 hrs. Do you think she know's how to connect with her audience? There's so many people missing the boat this. Don't be that guy! Or gal.

Now that you have made a few tweets and your posting away. Posting your thoughts, feelings, your projects, and what's going on in the world. Are you also building friendships? Are you asking questions? Are you giving shout outs?

In Dale Carnegie's, How to Win Friends & Influence People. There's no sweeter sound to someone than to hearing one's own name. Or at least in twitter's case, seeing one's own name. Remember, in the world of social media or word of mouth marketing, it's not what you're saying about yourself. It's what other's are saying about you. So if you have a cool website, logo, or product and someone else is commenting about it. That's a good thing. People like the LOVE but are so caught up in what they're doing most forget to even say thank you for following. Not a big deal though. If you really want to make friends and build up a following take the time to mention others especially if they're in your niche, city, organization, or even if you're just a fan of what they do.

@replies or mentions about others will get you noticed. I know you can't really keep track of what thousands of people are doing daily. But you can keep track of the ones who mention or engage with you. All you have to do is click on home from your twitter page and click on @ mentions. The way you're followers and following lists are listed is by the most recent. So as long as you're looking at your list periodically most of those people or at least the ones who are actively engaged should stay top of mind. Just take a few mins to go out of your way to acknowledge as many of the real tweeps as possible and give em a shout out or two. :)

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