Thursday, August 18, 2011

When Good Intentions Go BAD! #Creep

People need to understand that when we give our information to all of these companies and platforms, that information is in public hands. I can't speak for other people. When I USE this information I'm looking to develop strategic relationships and to show how this information can be used to connect with like-minded people in social media. If I can help someone in New York find customers right outside their front door, is that information not valuable for people especially business owners? 

If you know me, you know I spend a little bit of time on social media. And for a while now I have been blown away by some of the tools that are out there on social media. On earlier posts, it's no secret, I believe twitter is the most POWERful tool. Twitter is also the platform that I LOVE the most. You can meet and greet tons of people and "search" for people related to your interest, professions, and passions.

I have learned about sooo many interesting and useful tools on social media that it's nuts! I couldn't believe the things one could do and people to identify in social media. I have been currently brainstorming and using certain tools to use in an e-book that I'm currently working on (I may have to somewhat rethink parts of it). 

Before twitter revamped their policies, you could find who, where, and what people were tweeting about on your street! If you're neighbor's kids were tweeting from their smartphone you could know what they were going to be doing that night and with who they were hangin with.

I have had a relationship with a few people on twitter that I wanted to test my theories of social media precision marketing. I wanted to use all the public platforms to perform searches based on info that they posted. From there I was able to find more information than I bargained for. Knowing this individual was in the service industry, I wanted to show her a few platforms she could use to directly engage with customers profile of her 'best customer.' I had asked this individual to DM on twitter on a previous post or if I could look her up on Facebook. I was denied. I think, certain things should be kept off social media. Besides, twitter is too short for what I need to get out sometimes :)

Knowing I could have used another platform, I just thought someone would find it flattering if I sent a card and asked to DM on twitter. BOY! WAS I WRONG! Here's the card I sent. This is the other side Here's what I will share, most people know twitter is searchable. Here is someone who I previously asked where they worked in NY and there could be a chance that I could stop by. She willingly gave me this info, but did not want to DM me. Is it me or am I just missing something? Here's why I had sent the card. Knowing New York has tons of foot traffic and she is in the personal services industry (read her profile). I wanted to show her that I had learned tons of stuff that she could use and apply in her business. I figured I could help her "BLOW HER BUSINESS UP," with social media. Unfortunately, one persons message can be heard 10 different ways by 10 different people. I guess after her stream of tweets, flowers are definitely out of the question. Had I been able to stop by the bar where she is employed, because I do know people on that side of city. Would I be a creep? Knowing she posts this information regularly. SMH!

We always hear about privacy issues on line. We probably don't explore or attend to the issues at hand enough. I will say this; from my point of view, what you post is public info. Social platforms have in their hands a lot of our information. Don't believe me? If you tweet, post on facebook, yelp, tumble, stumble, checkin, like, flickr, watch tube, or just sign up. You can be found. Pretty quickly too I might add. It's really not hard. Worse, if you tell the world you're going out of town or going to work in these tough economic times. Don't be surprised if something you possess is taken from you or worse your house gets broken into. Social media tools have just made it a lot easier. It's a good thing most of the people using it are using it with good intentions. Think about this. How many times have you gotten something that was a marketing message that didn't have a return address? Is that so uncommon? Guarantee if you look up my address you'll find it with ease. 

Personally, I like to see the good in people although I know there are some not so good people in this world.  If anything, I hope that you can learn something from my situation and obvious misunderstanding. People will say good things about me, others will say bad things about me. It's not the attention I wanted. But people are talking! The Truth is, that's the world of social media we live in.

Danny Fortes 

Danny Fortes is searchable just like everyone else in the social media universe. This is one situation and result he had not anticipated.  :)

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  1. First and foremost there is a huge diffence between a general invitation to all to a public place of business and a personal invitation. We live in a world where all of our personal information is fast becoming available for the world to see but that doesn't change the fact that going out of your way to obtain that information without the knowledge or consent of the owner is still an invasion of privacy. Just because you walk by someone's home and they leave their window open doesn't make it okay to peep into their window. I don't know what you're intensions were but as a man and the woman in question's boyfriend I found the whole gesture to be disturbing. If she wasn't interested in having a personal conversation with you via DM, what would make you think that it's okay to take it upon yourself to seek out her personal address and send her anything? You can say whatever you want but that was an invasion of her privacy. Only the individual should decide who can come out of social media's fantasy world and into their reality. You were planning to send her flowers? I don't know what flowers have to do with marketing but even a smiley face in an uncomfortable circumstance can be disturbing and creepy... Think about that...