Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday; B.E.

Using twitter the first few times I remember typing out some tweets and following a few people of interest. For the life of me I can't remember many of those people. I do remember being surprised to find others that I knew who were following me.  Now I realize, then I had no clue as to what I was doing. I remember even thinking to myself this is stupid, why is everyone talking about this. I'll say it again, this is stupid... why is everyone talking about this.

Millions of other people had already realized the value in such a POWERful tool. Me I just was frustrated and out of frustration I simply gave up and labled it stupid because I understand the tool fully or realize it's value. A friend once shared w/me... if you ever want to learn anything, chances are there's a book already written about it. Boy he was right. So I went to the bookstore and bought a book about
twitter, if you read my bolog you already know this.

There's millions of conversations going on at one time. When most people learned that you can pinpoint and connect to your customer on social media. Droves of people and businesses wanted in. In case you haven't noticed, over 70% of the US population is on facebook and twitter is still growing at an obscene pace. The things people like and buy, where and who they associate with, what they're talking about is all out there. The same with twitter, just in 140 characters or less. Everyone wants to be where the eyeballs are and so do the businesses. Unfortunately, social media platforms as a whole have turned into an absolute pitch fest in most cases. Why? I have people trying to sell me stuff and they haven't even asked my name or learned one thing about me. I sat back and asked myself, do I do this? And after thinking about it. Being TRUTHful with myself I realized...  at times sure. So I asked myself, what should I do to change what I'm doing. I thought back to the social media basics. Know, like, & trust. Be Engaging!

When you meet anyone for the first time, what do you do? Chances are you ask them a question? The powerful thing you can ever do is to ask someone a question. Obviously you can make a statement or pay someone a compliment. Just asking for help, directions, or a simple how are you is the spark that can get the fire started and is the first step in 'building a relationship.' After all, you wouldn't walk up to someone in Dunkin Donuts and say I have this great lead generating system! Their response would be,"who the hell are you" and "wtf would I need that for." However, in this day & age of the Internet and social media chances are she knows someone who could  benefit from using this system.

So why not do things the old fashioned way in a new world. Be Engaging! Say Hi, learn my name and let me learn yours. Take notice of what people are doing. Allow me to do the same if I want to. If we like each other, then let's help each other.  IF we LOVE what we do, lets share it with the world always keeping in mind the 80-20 rule (others/self). So while you're out there; BE friendly, BE passionate, BE nice, and BE you. Hi I'm Danny it's nice to meet you. <handshake>

Danny Fortes is a social media entusiast who is navigating his way through the world of social media one day at a time. You can connect with him on twitter @xDannyFortes

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