Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday; Can You Cut Through?

In a room of 200 or so people, if you were just broadcasting what you wanted to say to Jimmy who is all the way across the room in the corner, do you think he would hear you?

To get Jimmy's attention on twitter it would be a little tough if I was saying something out loud and just wanted jimmy to hear it even though he is all the way across the room. In twitter we have to learn to cut through the noise and get directly to Jimmy. There are two simple ways to this.

1. The @reply
If Jimmy is talking about the end of the NFL lockout and his Patriots signing a couple of questionable players. You could respond to Jimmy and whoever else is in the conversation. Your reply could look something like this;"@jimmyrice @patsfan do you really think Haynesworth is a good idea? Tell me the TRUTH!" This @reply is seen by whoever is following your tweets. Should Jimmy respond to your question his @reply would look something like this; "@backatcha only time will tell if he is truly has his head in the game." When others who are following Jimmy see that Jimmy is having a conversation about the Patriots, that common interest is where someone may follow you. Hence another follower getting in the conversation & building a relationship.

2. The DM- Direct Message
You and Jimmy decide you want to have a conversation over the speaker phone as to not being distracted by twitter. So you decide you want to exchange phone numbers, but do not want to put it over the twitterverse for everyone. The direct message allows for 2 people who are following each other the ability to pass twitter sized messages to each other privately. This is great for people and businesses. It's a very, very,  POWERful feature. If you as a restaurant or retail store want to pass on a free gift or amazing offer to your customers. One way is through DM feature. It's a very cool thing to use and that's connecting with your clients and community. With such a feature I can't for the life of me figure out why more people aren't doing this. Just think what kind of LOVE @firstsight relationship you can have with your audience. Don't believe me? There's a couple of examples just below. I would use my own account, it's just I haven't figured out how to use all this stuff just yet. Once I do I'll use all my own sh*t. 


So why don't you try it! When you do and start to reap what you sow, you'll just have to spread the word for me and thank me later. Hint Hint!

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