Monday, August 8, 2011

Priceless Passion! Where's Yours?

When I hear so much about passion and purpose I sometimes struggle with finding my clear cut direction it makes me wonder if there's something wrong with me. The struggle can be so tough... dreams may get crushed before they ever get started. That's how I was feeling before I WATCHED a guy on video that I had heard so much about, but never took the time and initiative to learn about. This guy is passion personified and runs on controllable high octane emotion. But before I tell you who he is I would like to share a story with you.

When I was immersing myself in this whole personal growth thing. I had heard about this guy and his book. The 1st gentleman who told me about said to me,"It's an incredible book. The Guy is amazing."I had never heard about the author at the time. I do remember asking a few other people about it afterwards and I do remember getting a so so response from someone else. Here's what kills me. If the 2nd guy knew what the hell he was talking about I could be so much further along in this Internet marketing thing it's ridiculous! I wish I could even remember who that person was because obviously that guy is and idiot. Does that would make me one too? It's my own fault for not knowing then what I know now. For the life of me I can't figure out how just the story behind how a D/F student as a youth goes on to help his dad's liquor store blossom into millions by hosting a wine show over the Internet. Then he begins to sell wine over the Internet and begins to build what is called by some a media empire. By now you have to know who I'm talking about and if you don't just watch this video so you can get a glimpse of him.

If you thought Gary Vaynerchuk was high energy in that clip, I can't wait to show you my 2 favorite videos later this week. This was the elementary school version. Wait till you get the frat boyGary Vee the speaker.  Unbelievably motivating; I take no shit & NO excuses Gary Vee! His stuff has got me soo jacked, he had me rethinking how to deliver my messages (not that mine are of importance... yet). But seriously I LOVE this guy because obviously we have the uptight corporate mugs on video everyday with zero personality. But guess what? We, or at least I, don't remember them when they're done speaking. With Gary Vee, he speaks with so much POWER & TRUTH you feel shockwaves coming through your computer screen. The book I was alluding to earlier was Crush It! And Boy does he do it daily! The value of pursuing your passion is just so huge in his message you will never forget this guys name! EVER! Seriously, you might leave this blog just to go scurry for the videos I'm talkin about. If you find them good for you because it's not so hard. If not I guess you have to stay tuned in this week & til next time. WARNING the next video will be 10 mins short! Clear your schedule!

How's that for a passionate cliffhanger? Seriously share this!

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