Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday, The Question?

They say the most POWERful thing you can do  when engaging is to ask a question. Twitter does that. Right at the top it says,"What's Happening?" That's why there's also a lot of confusion to the non-twitter users and the dynamic of social engagement. That's why it's perceived as the mundane of people just talking about what they're doing at work and what music they're listening to. There is someone in the twitterverse who is ALWAYS interested in what you're doing and what you're tweeting.

As you know I LOVE to read books. Especially in the areas of marketing and personal growth. And when I read a very good book I like to tweet certain quotes like most tweeple do because at the moment it's readily on your mind. Those profound parts of a book that makes you say, I have to tweet that! You can always find quotes from Malcolm Gladwell readers on a daily basis and from all over the world and that's the TRUTH (iI had to get that in). He's that popular. If you haven't read Outliers or The Tipping Point you're completely missin out. The aha moments we have to share with the world! Other people around the world are having those aha moments simultaneously and twitter is the easiest place to connect with those others doing or saying the same thing. It's a constant conversation. I don't know about you, but I can bet most of my friends do not read or do the same things that I'm doing these days. That's starting to feel more and more like a good thing. Especially all the new people I have met at Barnes & Noble most recently.

Truly connecting with like minded people is easy to do. People have so many different interests you can spend a couple hours a day on twitter and wonder where the time went. Discussions can range from the Red Sox, NFL lockout, the debt ceiling, and all the way to Antarctica. The only thing that is limited on twitter tends to be our own thoughts. So if you don't know what to tweet, check out the #trends on the right hand side and that's what most people are talking about right now. The creativity is there to explore and thousands of people to meet whether they're in your city of Phoenix or out of the country in Brazil. It is it's own universe... and feel free to jump into any conversation and ask a question. Just keep it to 140 characters or less.

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