Monday, July 25, 2011

The F Word

Has anyone ever told you that you're doing something the wrong way? And that you're doing more damage to yourself doing it the way you're doing it? If this has ever happen to you, how did that blow make you feel? In hindsight there's not too many things that can soften that kind of blow.  Defensive..? Maybe a little angry or upset! I know when I recently heard this, it didn't came as a shock to me, but I certainly didn't feel like it was constructive. Why? Because I've been playing the game of life sometimes too safe. Rather than waiting to do everything perfectly, I figured it was better to learn by going out and failing miserably to my best ability, than waiting for someone to "show me the way." After all, I've failed at life so far by playing it safe. Why not fail at something you'll learn from and get better at as you grow. Isn't that what's life about in the 1st place?

I LOVE Marc Ostrofsky's book Get Rich Click. In it he writes;"Very often, failure and mistakes reveal valuable knowledge that will increase your chances of future success." Up until the time I had read this book, I had asked plenty of people, whether it be on line or in person, to help me out as far as showing me or explaining something to me. I know it's tough for people to stop and have the patience and time to set aside from their busy schedules to help someone. For someone like me who is always so eager to learn new things, waiting around for the perfect idea and the right direction was costing me valuable time. I remember Darren Hardy from Success magazine drove this point home to me. He said,"Go out and fail....  A LOT!!!" That was pretty much it. Learn as you go because experience is the most valuable teacher.

So as I continue on the path to success, I know I will come across many more "brick walls" that I will smash into and undoubtedly hurt myself trying to get through. Branding and Word Press are the most current brick walls I have encountered. As long as I continue to get up and find ways to get through, around, or over the walls I know it's just a matter of time. Why? Because the TRUTH of the matter is this; it's better than waiting around for someone who says they want to help you, but their help comes with a price. Time is the one commodity we all share and is valuable to all of us. I will use the time to fail towards the future. I'm willing to fail  A LOT. So the F word... here I come!! There's a lot of POWER in a bad word.

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