Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Twitter Tip Tuesday

When you know as little as I do about social media tools that are out there. I often feel the need to educate people or share what I have learned. Because if I don't, who benefits?

Twitter comes up in so many conversations, unfortunately most of the conversations I hear off line are about the mundane aspects of twitter. Quotes and what Jim is eating for lunch. Not that facebook is any different ;) Before anyone can understand what twitter is, they should understand what a blog is first. So I'll do my best as a social media novice to explain in laymans terms what twitter is.

A blog is a platform where pages upon pages of information or content can be posted. Similar to adding posts to a binder. It can be a personal journal or a specific focus. It could be ramblings and drunken nights of debauchery. Which I don't advise you post if you work for a fortune 500 company or in politics. The beauty of blogging comes in the form of being able to search for content or your interests. Just type in a keyword or phrase and viola!! Like magic an article from 3 years ago gets served up like you ordered it straight off the menu that didn't exist.

Twitter being a "micro" blog is just that. A miniature version but on MASSIVE steroids! Unbeliveable power to search content simultaneously vs. reading or checking 1 blog at a time. So if you search for controversial commercials.. you might find this http://bit.ly/bDevrc  I thought this was pretty interesting.

The message known as tweets represent a bird chirping. Short bursts of expression... short bursts of text; 140 to be exact. Some people agree that if you can't say what you need to in less than 140 characters, then you probably don't need to be speaking. And yes! That is being a little harsh. Quick and to the point! That's a tweet. Elevator pitch style. The goal from there is to either click on a link which appears in the tweet or from the profile of the person tweeting. If that makes sense. So you could be following certain industries or certain people. You can follow Paul Pierce to Barrack Obama, Seth Godin to Lady Gaga, and your best friend to lil ol me! That's my plug! You can connect with all kinds of people from all different walks of life. Twitter can be a fun and amazing place for you and your followers.  

Wait... what are we having for lunch?

Click on the Bird for Real!!

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