Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The POWER of Pound #

Another twitter tip Tuesday.

Harnessing the Power of twitter for search can be amazing if you're posts can resonate w/others. The hashtag (#), "number sign," or "pound sign" is used a variety of ways on twitter. It's used mainly as a way to index subject matter that people are talking about. Hashtags allow you to ZERO in on search by topics of interest to you and engage w/people who have similar interests.

Hashtags always Precede the keyword or keywords of reference about your tweet topic or subject of interest. So for instance, if I wanted to talk about books it would look something like this: #books. You can be specific like hashtagging the title of the book or author i.e. #napoleanhill. Hashtags can help you build relationships quickly. My case in point, here's an example of the power a hashtag can have.

I like to read books, as you already know, and I happen to be in the middle of a very powerful and controversial book by Napolean Hill titled, Outwiittng the Deveil. I felt so compelled to tweet some quotes about the book as I was reading it. After making a couple of posts I was connected w/someone who had finished reading the book. Her name is Christine and she lives in Maryland. She was able to view and read a whole stream of tweets about the book in the matter of seconds. The reason why she decided to contact me was because I had PLS RT & Connect. Up to that point, she had made me realize that I had never put the word connect in my tweets. There has been a whole segment of twitter that I have been missing out on and that is the ability to connect!!! Talk about an aha moment! So when we actually worked out the logistics of when we could talk we had an AMAZING conversation over skype where it just seemed like time just stood still. We talked about our passions, the books we LOVE, personal growth, our dreams, and our frustrations. The best part! Where we are in our lives with our relationships w/God and even though we are in different opportunities we both felt that people in our industries don't make the commitment  to help one another regardless of what our opportunity is because we both have the same goals as far as where we want to go in life. Too many marketers are missing the boat on personal growth and team success. We were practically finishing each others sentences and our conversation was just a lot of fun! I'm already in Christine's inner circle because she reached out and connected with me. I was fortunate enough to meet her husband and she connected me with another INCREDIBLE individual. His name is Roy! And that's a whole different conversation for a whole different post!!! The TRUTH is, GOD is Awesome and he is at work in all of our lives. We all can feel God is at work within all of us. And to have synergy like that in just a single afternoon is a true blessing and I want the same type of experience for you!

So use your hashtag to sift and sort through a lot of the twitter noise that's out there. Sometimes that's me causing some of it ;) Find those who have the same interests or who compliment yours. If you like to read but don't like to build web pages, build relationships with those web designers and share the important chunks with each other. Best of all you'll make new friends that will attract plenty of value and richness into your life while time will feel like it's standing still.

Danny is technically challenged and great with people. He is looking to connect with like-minded people in areas of marketing, personal growth, and all things social media. If you or someone you know is looking to serve God and others please don't hesitate to name drop... it's appreciated here.

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