Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello Breakthroughs

I'M JUST SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW!!!! You have no idea how much of a major WIN this was for me to just get a blog UP and running. I know there's sooo many techies and critics out there just laughing at me right now! But it's true! I come across so many people, including myself (I know that sounds awkward :), who love blogs and socialmedia; know what they are and how they work... yada yada yada; but have never physically produced one thing or ever sold a single thing on the internet except for using Craigslist. So right now I will give myself a much deserved pat on the back w/a party on the dance floor regardless of who is going to criticize me or be the "thermometer"......The thermometer vs. the  thermostat is a whole notha blog for a different day!

For so long I never had the patience nor the skills to accomplish something like this. But guess what?
I FINALLY did it (Memorial Day when I actually pushed the publish button)!!! And it feels like a major hurdle has been overcome, hence the BREAKTHROUGH and boy does it feel powerful!

So it's with that, that I officially say HELLOOOO to the blogosphere!! And I have every intention on helping those who struggle to do the same or who just suffer from analysis paralysis and excusitis like I have for far too long. To achieve what most would consider a small but overwhelming task of starting your own blog. This my friends is a VICTORY with a capital V. And that's the truth, regardless of any grammatical or spelling errors contained herein!

Have a blessed day!
Oh and by the way, feel free to leave a comment below or click on something actionable below.

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